Research Topic:

Drive Shaft Color Codes.

The drive shaft was color coded so the assembly line could identify the different applications. Different transmissions received different drive shafts. Below are two pictures of the same drive shaft. Looking close at this drive shaft it was impossible to tell there were painted stripes under the grime. It was amazing that after cleaning with non - petroleum based degreaser and a plastic scrub brush that the stripes appeared!

Research Goal:

Determine what color codes were used for the different transmissions.

If you look closely you can see a faint outline of the stripes in the top picture. The grime hid them well.

Nova Drive shaft Stripes


Drive Shaft  Color Code Survey

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What is the VIN (We use this for indexing and date estimates.)

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What is the date code off of the trim tag?

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What is the original engine size?

What is the original transmission?

What is the axle code (or axle size, ratio, and type)?

What colors are the stripes on the original drive shaft?

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