Research Topic: Trunk Weatherstrip

Fisher Body installed the trunk weatherstrip when the body was assembled. On low mile cars or those with original weatherstrip, there are two paint stripes on the weatherstrip located on the top of the trunk. These stripes are usually not centered. Did Fisher Body use these stripes as guide for installing the weatherstrip? If so, how did they use them? Were they used as a installation guide or was that the mark where to cut the weatherstrip off of the roll?

These cars were assembled on an assembly line as quickly as possible. Most of the time the seam was not located directly in the center of the trunk. Is there a relationship between the paint stripes and the seam?

If you know more about this, please let us know. Look closely at your weatherstrip and see if yours has the stripes and were the seam is located.

Research Goal:

Identify what the usual placement of the stripes on the weatherstrip. Get measurements and colors of the actual stripes. See if the stripes fall within a range of dates or years. Please use the survey below to document the color codes used on your original trunk.

Weatherstrip Stripes


Trunk Weatherstrip Stripe Survey

Please take a minute to email the information below. This Research Project relies on accurate facts gathered from people like you. These facts will be added to our database and used for statistical analysis. NO unique car or personal information will ever be released!


What is the VIN (We use this for indexing and date estimates.) 

What is the Body Number? Same as VIN. 

What is the date code off of the trim tag? 

E-mail to be used if we have any questions. 

What is the model year of the car being reported? 

What color are the stripes?

How far apart are the stripes?

How wide are the stripes?

How far are the stripes from the drivers side hinge?

Where is the seam in relation to the truck latch?

Any other comments or information about your car.