Research Topic: Radiator Part Numbers and Tank Codes

All original radiators included codes stamped or embossed on them. These codes identified the intended use and when it was manufactured.

Below is a photograph of an original 1970 Radiator. Each tank has a code embossed on it. There also might be an identification tag soldered to one of the tanks or fins. If you have an original radiator that has any codes, please post a note on.

Model Year ____________

Body number from trim tag ____________

Date code from trim tag ____________

Codes on driver side or top tank (A) 1___2___3___

Codes on passenger side or bottom tank (B) 1___2____3____4____

Codes or part numbers on tag(s) (B) 1____2____3____3____4____5_________

Engine size ____________

Transmission model ____________

Is this car equipped with air conditioning? ____________

Does the radiator have transmission cooler line? ____________

On this model radiator the codes are on the side tank in location A and B

Nova Radiator Codes

The Drivers side tank has three codes

Nova Radiator Tank Codes

The passenger side has three codes too, one might be hidden behind the tag.

Nova Radiator Tag Codes

The radiator rag has 4 codes and a part number

Pictures courtesy of Nova Research Project