1969 Nova

RPO L78 Spring Calculator

Select the items that are installed by checking the box next to the appropriate equipment then click the Calculate button. Note that not all RPO Equipment was available with each engine and model. See Dealer Price Schedule for model application. Once you find the letter code you can find the part number by viewing the Spring Part Number Identification Chart on right bottom of the page.

RPO Equipment Installed
L78 V-8 Eng. 396 Cu. In. - 375 H.P.
M20 4-Speed Trans.
M35 Powerglide Trans. (V8)
M38 3-Speed Auto. Trans.
M40 3-Speed Auto. Trans.
MB1 2 Speed Trans.
MC1 HD 3-Speed Trans.
A51 Astro Bucket Seats
A81 Head Rest (Spec. Contour)
B37 Floor Mats (Front and Rear)
F40 Heavy Duty Suspension
J50 Power Brakes
J52 Disc Brakes
N10 Dual Exhaust (L78)
N40 Power Steering
T60 HD Battery (RPO Eng.)
U57 Tape Player
U63 Radio (Pushbutton)
U69 Radio (AM-FM)
U79 Stereo
V01 HD Radiator (V-8)
ZJ1 Custom Interior
ZJ2 Custom Exterior

Front Spring Wt:

RPO Spring Code:

HD Spring Code: 

Rear Spring Wt: 

RPO Spring Code:

HD Spring Code: 

1969 Spring Identification Chart

Taken from the 1969 Parts and Accessories Catalog. For reference use only. See Dealer Price Schedule for model application. Use this with the Spring Calculator on this page to figure out what springs the factory installed on Nova.



EB 3955708
ED 3955709
EK 3955710
EL 3955711
ES 3932767
EY 3925814
EZ 3955715
HH 3955727
HJ 3955728
HK 3955745
HL 3955746
HM 3955747
YA 3955716
YF 3955720
YH 3955721
YM 3955722
YP 3955723
BG 3955742
BK 3955740
BQ 3955730
BR 3955731
BU 3955734
BV 3955735

Ride Height Issues

as example here are the specs for the HQ Spring:

Cut off length = 122.78

Wire Diameter = .628

Total Coils = 9

Rate = 345

Height Uninstalled = 16.45"

Installed Height @ 1830 lbs = 11.09"

All springs were designed to be 11.09" when installed. The "computer selected" spring first used in 1969 was fine tuned to the weight of the car with all the particular options.

There were 9 springs with the 345 rate. The differences are the wire diameter and the coil count needed to put the spring at 11.09" when the car was fully assembled with all options.

The shortest free height for the 345 rate springs was 14.97" and the tallest was 16.95". This is one of the reasons folks have a hard time with the generic 345 springs and body ride height. All 345 rated springs will do the job. The difference is the ride height you get.

Within reason, you could trim the generic springs to shorten the cut off length and lower the ride height. Alternatively you can install another higher or lower code to get a higher or lower ride height. My spring calculators use the parts book weights to specify the spring required to hit the factory ride height for that weight.

The springs sold by Chevrolet part number came on the scene several years ago to address the ride height problems found with the one size fits all generics. I do not recall who the manufacturer is for them. I doubt the retailers have the specs unless they measure them. They buy them based on part number or application.

Custom spring companies will sell you an equivalent spring to meet the ride height you specify. They would not be able to always match the wire diameter and coil count that came on the car originally. However the spring should function fine with the correct ride height.

If you want the stock ride height in your Nova, you need to know the weight of all the options. Then use the calculator to find the Chevrolet code. Then find the Chevrolet part number for that code. Then order the reproduction spring by that number. This will get you closer than just using a generic 345 spring. Note this does not guarantee the perfect ride height. You might still experience ride height differences. Just make sure you let the Nova rest on the springs long enough settle in before you take ride height measurements listed in the Assembly Manual.