Tim T's (aka NOCOPO & TT NOVA) 1970 Nova

1970 Nova, Base 6 cyl powerglide. Green / Green. bench seat, rubber floor mat, AM radio. 26K original miles, kept in a heated garage all it's life shielded from the harsh New England winters. Converted to a 1966 283 V8 TH350 by the grandson of the original owner. ( very poorly, I might add ) The body and paint is all original except for the left fender which was replaced sometime in it's life. It's the only spot on the car that has rust. The owners try at "spot painting" is also in a few places. The original wheels and dog dishes are still on the car. The original spare tire is in the trunk. I very carefully removed the original Delco front swirl shocks ( date coded and part numbered, they already reside in a "better place" ) The interior is all original except for the replacement of the rear partial shelf, that was cut up for speakers and the additions of the previous owner. ( steering wheel, floor shift, tach. ). The car should be on the road very soon.

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